Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne. ca1913. Pictures Collection, State Library of Victoria [Accession No: H96.200/53]




The map below shows our route from Melbourne (the green marker) to Moscow (the red marker). Blue markers indicate the cities and countries we will pass through. Click on the markers for more information.

We have chosen the most interesting and challenging route, rather than the quickest or easiest. We will traverse more than a dozen countries in four continents passing through a variety of landscapes; from deserts to tropical jungles, mountains to savannas.

We believe a vehicle made prior to World War One, or even World War Two, has never before been driven from Australia to Russia (or vice-versa) via Africa. Thus, our almost 20000km journey keeps to the spirit of Birtles' and Nagel's adventures by being a first.

Travel booklet 'Soviet Armenia' circa 1933 from the collection of David Levine, see: http://www.travelbrochuregraphics.com

The Czar Cannon, Kremlin, Moscow.
The Czar Cannon, Kremlin, Moscow.


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